About Vanigam

Vanigam Elite is an online platform which connects businesspeople across globe; it’s a unit of Vanigam Global Business Connect. Business people can be benefited from Vanigam Elite by sharing business referrals, knowledge and social bonding among themselves in a cost-effective way.

Founded in Vanigam 2016, this platform connected 100+ members to more than 10,000 business referrals and helped entrepreneurs grow their businesses.Entrepreneurs who are offering quality product & services are able to join as members and grow their business as well as others’.
We operate as International chapters in India and franchisee in abroad and other states & countries

Generally business forums can be classified into three types, business referral forum, knowledge sharing forum, social gathering forum. Vanigam is a combination of all three with the help of latest technology.Vanigam is operated by a hierarchy of key members .The article about Vanigam has been published in magazines like Kungumam, Dinamalar.Vianigam has a web portal & Social media pages. Vanigam is a Trademark registered organization.

Vanigam offers three types of services.one is a Vanigam Starters group which is absolutely free whatsapp group location wise. Vanigam Starters group is currently present in 100+ places, 15+ countries, 4 states.Second one is Vanigam Subscribers Group which has overseas group of business people without any category limitation.Third one is Vanigam Elite Group which has elite group of business people without any category limitation.

Moto of Vanigam is to connect lot of business people in a cost-effective manner.

4 types of Meetings in Vanigam

M2M Meeting

Any 2 members can fix up an appointment and meet in person or through online to know more about the other member and pass on referrals.

Pocket Meeting

Meeting can be arranged at any of the members' offices and members can participate with visitors.

Online meeting

Meetings can be arranged online. Members can attend this meeting from anywhere in the world.

Direct meeting

All the members will attend this meeting directly in a Hotel.This would help each and every member to share business among them.

History of Vanigam

Basically ours is a team of youngsters, who often gathers to do social services activities for the needy one which has been operating for the past 15 years. It is a voluntary service organization to support the underprivileged, rural students who scored high marks in the plus two examinations. 2015 Chennai flood acted as an eye opening incident.

During this flood, our team faced so many problems in business and had huge loss in money, material, etc.  So, we planned to create a structured platform called Vanigam to support each other. First meeting of Vanigam held in 3.5.2016 which focused a lot on business development within our group. Every year we developed our forum by conducting the regular meetings. Through this forum we have generated lot of business opportunities within our group. Now this forum is developing day by day.

In recent day’s technology is developing day by day so by using the technology we planned to develop this forum into the next level. So we have started the Vanigam version 2.0 in 2019. Therefore we had conducted our first meeting at Vijay Park in Chennai on 24.8.2019. Based on that we have created chapters in Chennai Chapter 1, Chennai Chapter 2, Chennai Chapter 3 and Erode Chapter& also whatsapp group for other places such as Salem, Coimbatore, Trichy, Thanjavur, Madurai, Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, US, etc.